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We're aaggrrii™.

We're a global leader in virtual remote sensing technology and a division of MASITEK Instruments Inc. CracklessEgg™, SmartSpud™ and ProduceQC™ are deployed in harvesting, production, packaging and distribution systems around the world in various food industry sectors Our impressive client base extends to leading producers such as Hillandale Farms, Cavendish Farms, McCain's, Sauder Eggs, Vencomatic Group and Valo BioMedia.

Tracy Clinch

President and CEO

Larry Doherty

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Reid, MSc, P.Eng

Product Development Engineer

Melina Beauchemin


Our solutions are the culmination of customer feedback and our experience in the marketplace. The technology is a direct result of our team and valued agents listening to clients to aid in increased production, reduced downtime and higher quality output.

Tracy Clinch, President and CEO
aaggrrii Technology